Physician talking with patient in a primary care setting

AJLM CME/CE Article Quiz Volume 17, Issue 5

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize lifestyle medicine training prevalence among family physicians
  2. Identify lifestyle medicine utilization by family physicians
  3. Identify the primary perceived barriers of family physicians in incorporating lifestyle medicine into practice
  4. Recall the general lifestyle medicine related core competency gaps reported by family physicians

“This CME provides insight into lifestyle medicine practices among family physicians. It identifies gaps in care between family physicians’ perceived comfort and reported use of lifestyle medicine. Better understanding what these barriers are will be instrumental in expanding lifestyle medicine to primary care practices nationally and within our own clinics.”

Incorporating Lifestyle Medicine Into Primary Care Practice: Perceptions and Practices of Family Physicians

Lifestyle medicine (LM) uses therapeutic lifestyle behavior change to address the root causes of chronic diseases. The purpose of this study was to assess family physicians’ perceptions and utilization of LM principles in their primary care practices, as well as identify reported barriers to implementation.