The Lifestyle Medicine
National Training Initiative

Equipping clinicians to address lifestyle-related chronic disease health disparities

ACLM has committed over $2 million in matching funds to train and certify, at minimum, one physician within each of the 1,400 Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) organizations across the United States. Our goal is to expand access to lifestyle medicine, including food and physical activity as medicine, in under-resourced communities as one major step toward making lifestyle medicine accessible to all.

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The Need to Address Chronic Disease is Urgent

Clinicians across every specialty and practice setting encounter people daily with debilitating yet preventable diseases
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U.S. Adults Have at Least One Chronic Disease

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U.S. Adults Have Two or More Chronic Diseases

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of Healthcare Dollars are for People with Chronic and Mental Health Conditions

Source: CDC

The statistics are alarming, but they also point to a positive path forward

Addressing lifestyle behaviors – including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, social connection, and avoidance of risky substances – can have a positive impact on reversing, treating, and preventing chronic disease.

Addressing the burden of chronic disease begins with education

Clinicians and members of clinical care teams receive little to no education about how lifestyle factors impact disease reversal or about how to support patients in making lasting behavior change. ACLM aims to fill this gap with evidence-based education, training, and certification for a spectrum of health care practitioners, equipping them with the knowledge, support, and practical skills they need to positively affect patient health.

An historic at-scale commitment is underway

The National Training Initiative, as part of ACLM’s commitment to the White House National Strategy to reduce diet-related diseases and health disparities by 2030, closes the gap in clinician education by providing a solid foundation in the principles of lifestyle medicine and food as medicineThrough this initiative, ACLM is creating a nationwide network of healthcare professionals equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to support at-scale behavior change resulting in healthier communities and a healthier nation. 

Reaching under-resourced communities is a top priority

Marginalized communities face an undue burden from chronic disease. Providing education for clinicians serving those most in need of accessible, quality care using a lifestyle medicine approach is a top priority for the National Training Initiative.

We believe that this commitment will ensure that all communities, especially those most at risk of or living with chronic conditions, have access to evidence-based, whole-person, cost-effective care.  

“ACE is proud to be a founding impact partner to help bring behavior-change and lifestyle medicine coaching to communities that need it most. With a mission to get people moving toward adopting and maintaining healthier lifestyles, collaborations with like-minded partners such as ACLM are crucial to increase participation in physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors for improved health outcomes of all people.”

Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM
President & Chief Science Officer

“There’s a serious gap in teaching our medical professionals about the power of food and nutrition in health care. It hurts patients who would benefit from holistic treatments or prevention plans and is something we can no longer ignore.”

James P. McGovern
House Representative

“We face an epidemic of lifestyle- and food-related chronic disease in our country.  Our medical professionals must become trained—and, ideally, certified—in the field of lifestyle medicine to effectively treat root causes of disease. This commitment will serve as a spark to ignite the transformation we so desperately need in our nation’s healthcare system, as we strive to address the lifestyle-related chronic disease health disparities that have taken too great a toll…This is our moment to be the change we want to see in our nation’s healthcare system—for the benefit of both patients and providers.” 

Dean Ornish, MD

The time to take action is now

We need your help to make equitable access to lifestyle medicine possible. Your donation, matched dollar for dollar up to $2 million, will support scholarship funding for FQHC organizations in each state across the U.S. Together, we can empower health care practitioners with the knowledge and education to positively impact thousands of lives through a transformed health care system.


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*ACE is recognized as the first impact partner of the National Training Initiative; it is with their generous support that this initiative’s outreach was made possible at the national level.


If you or your organization wish to support the National Training Initiative as an Impact Partner ($5,000 or more), please reach out to the ACLM Partnerships Team ( to discuss the initiative and learn more about receiving this designation.

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